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Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello everyone,
Here's an update of what's happening at Windestine HQ.  


The next restock is this Wednesday, February 20.  I plan to activate the listings that morning, around 6AM PST.  In addition to what's currently in the shop, the following shades will be available:

Spring Collection trio (Leilani, Crushed Rose in Spring, Rainy Day Blues) (full size & mini)
Leilani (full size & mini)
Crushed Rose in Spring (full size & mini)
Rainy Day Blues (full size & mini)
On a Clear Night (full size)
Flower Deco (full size)
Frozen Wilderness (full size)
Wish Upon A Star (full size)
Androgynous (full size)
Jeweled Sand (full size)
Senescence (full size)
Moana (full size)

I'll still be offering a free mini Peach Ice with orders of 2 polishes or more.  :)

I ended up reformulating Moana's base because the original production method was costing more than I would have liked.  I think the new version turned out really great :)  Here's a comparison photo, and as you can see they pretty much look identical.


I compiled a list of reviews for all the new polishes that will be stocked on Wednesday... there's a link at the top of the blog, or you can click here to see the list.

International Fans

Just a reminder, Overall Beauty carries some Windestine shades, and they ship internationally!  I recently sent over some bottles of Frozen Wilderness.

Charity Polishes

Thanks to everyone's support, I've sold over $100 worth of charity polishes!  I'll be posting the donation screenshot by the end of this week :)

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