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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spring collection + charity polish update

Hello everyone, hope you are not being affected by the flu season.  I myself fell victim to it very recently, and it was not fun.  Just wanted to post an update on what's coming soon to the shop:

1) The Spring Collection - Rainy Day Blues, Leilani, Crushed Rose in Spring

2) New charity polish - flower deco

3) Standalone polish - On A Clear Night (dark, almost black base with rainbow shimmer)
    sorry I forgot to take a photo of it :(

Yes, 'flower deco' is a re-incarnation of '80's deco'.  There are still silver squares, they were hiding when I took the photo.  I added medium purple hex, yellow daisies, and colored the base grey.  All money from the sale price of this polish will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

I'll be sending out samples to bloggers in a few days, and I'm real excited to be adding these polishes to the shop :)

I have set up a blogger sample request form here if you are interested.

Regarding the charity polishes, I'm going to submit the first donation to the Make a Wish Foundation as soon as I reach $50 in sales.  Almost there!


  1. If you can let me know the launch date and a link to your shop I will add it to the Indie calender. :)

    1. That would be awesome, thank you Jen! The launch date will be February 20. :)