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Friday, January 4, 2013

Restock on 1/16 with new polishes for charity

I took 3 existing polishes and tweaked them to create these!

Left to right:
Frozen Wilderness - black, copper, coffee glitter in a white base
Confetti Deluxe - hex, fiber, stars, square glitter in multiple sizes in a clear base
tbd - blue, turquoise, fuchsia, holo silver, matte yellow, gold glitter in a dark blue base

Into the Wild has transformed into Frozen Wilderness.  
Confetti has transformed into Confetti Deluxe
Spica *swirl* has transformed into something I haven't found a name for yet (lol).  Any suggestions are highly welcome.

I'll be restocking the Etsy shop on Wednesday, 1/16 and these 3 polishes will be available.  All proceeds from the sale prices will be donated to Make A Wish Foundation.  I'll post a screenshot of the donation, maybe after I sell all or most of them, and I get everything tallied.  I'm very excited about this!


  1. How wonderfully generous! They're beautiful, too! Can't wait to get some. :)

  2. What a great idea! Love the polishes, too :)

  3. I LOVE Frozen Wilderness!! They are all very pretty, as always (!), but that's exactly what a frozen wilderness looks like!

  4. Thanks ladies! Frozen Wilderness is my favorite out of the 3 :)

  5. I think the blue one should be called Night Fairies - or something like that! The blue reminds me of late night, and all the different colors look like fairy dust!