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Monday, December 17, 2012

Starting 12/19, buy 2 get a mini for 5 cents!

Hello!  I have 2 shades that I created as one-offs, which I've posted swatches of below. There's another photo of Coraline in the post previous to this.

Coraline was created with some excess base color from a future shade.  I tweaked the base, then added matte pink and matte hot orange glitter, as well as matte white squares.

Electrical Snowstorm was created while I was attempting to remake a prototype for a future shade.  I tweaked the base for this one too.  Then I added snow white glitter, and iridescent bar glitter.

coraline & electrical snowstorm
3 coats each + topcoat
electrical snowstorm
3 coats + topcoat
They'll be available as minis starting this Wednesday in the Big Cartel shop, for $5.50 each.  However, if you purchase 2 other bottles in addition to Coraline or Electrical Snowstorm, you can get either one for 5 cents + shipping!  Just enter coupon code 'coraline' for Coraline, OR enter coupon code 'electrical' for Electrical Snowstorm.

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