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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Restock 10/31 on Big Cartel

Hi all, I'll be stocking exclusively on Big Cartel for awhile (http://windestine.bigcartel.com).  It's definitely easier to just keep track of one shop.  Listings will be live tomorrow morning (Halloween) right after I wake up.  So around 6am PST. 

The Hawaiian collection will be available, and some items have been marked down.  So far I've started using the octagonal bottles for Androgynous, Moana, Pele, and Peach Ice.  Eventually other shades will be offered in these bottles also.

In other news, I found a distributor who's interested in offering my polishes in her online store!  She ships internationally which was my ultimate goal when I started my search.  If all works out, she will carry an exclusive (to her shop) polish that is a Christmas version of 80's Deco.  I think it looks so cute and hope to show it to you soon.

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