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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Next restock: October 4

Hello!  I'm planning to re-open the Etsy shop on October 4th @ 5pm PST.  What's been slowing me down is I have a lot of empty round bottles and no brushes.  I had to discard many extremely bent/wonky brushes and find a supplier who sells the brushes individually.  If I don't get the brushes early next week, I will either push back the restock or start using the hexagonal (technically they're octagonal) bottles.

Here is the list of polishes I will have:
Girl With the Best Smile
Raspberry Swirl
Sister's Day
Sunset Glow
Secret Garden
Secret Garden (heartless)
80's Deco
Over the Rainbow
Into the Wild
Spica *swirl*
Hearts of the Forest
I'll Fly With You
Swimming With the Sharks
Snow Prince
We Only Come Out At Night (Halloween)
Spring into Fall (prototype from my last post)
Senescence (shimmery green from a couple posts down)

So many, hope I didn't forget anything.  I have one more bottle of Carbon Copy so I'll list that also.
About 85% of the poll results are favorable for Senescence, so I'm very happy to be able to offer it.

That being said, I did not keep track of all the pigments & measurements I used for Spring into Fall & Senescence.  If they are well received and I ever attempt to make another batch of either one, I don't know if it will look the same.  LOL.

Thank you for your interest!!!

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